Smart wayfinding systems provide more than just direction. They should be adjusted to your specific needs, keep people oriented, help them feel comfortable and peaceful in an unfamiliar environment, and support your company’s identity.. ( read more)

Wayfinding may be defined as the mapping and optimization of the way in which people navigate in and around buildings. Over many years Modulex has developed techniques to create efficient wayfinding and using this knowledge to provide customers with the simplest and most elegant solutions. We start by getting to know your organization, your employees, and your facilities very well in order to create a detailed basis for the project. From this mass of information, we aim to develop a simple and effective solution.
Whatever the sector – business center, government, healthcare, education, hospitality – the main purpose of signage is to reassure users and keep them safe in unfamiliar surroundings, the process which may be summarised as information, orientation, guidance, and identification.

Wayfinding design goes in tandem with brand identity. The Modulex signage concept divides the solution into two main elements: the functionality and the brand identity.

The brand identity is about the visual and tactile impression of the signs. This should be in accordance with your brand architectural and profile demands.

Now it’s easier to help your guests find their way. The Look Company, as a partner of Modulex, is here to help you clearly guide people through the unfamiliar environment by ensuring that up-to-date information they need appears exactly when and where they need it.
Think of it as a helping hand that guides your guests from reception desk to their destination.