Premium outdoor advertising opportunity across Qatar!

Through a strategic partnership with Qatar Rail, The Look Company is introducing a new advertising platform that contributes to increase brand engagement and achieve a great ROI for advertisers in Qatar.

With the new metro stations being operational and the combination for high traffic visibility, combined with proximity to the new FIFA World Cup 2022 stadiums, these media spaces will reach millions of people in Qatar. The combination of these reasons urges The Look Company to establish this new and exciting Out-of-home advertising platform.

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Unique ROI for advertisers & marketers

  • First of its kind in Qatar, offering a unique proposition to advertisers.
  • Strategic locations near key international business districts, shopping malls, international travel hub, educational institutes, and FIFA 2022 stadiums.
  • High density of footfall from Qatar Rail stations.
  • Bridges directly over major road routes, offering high visibility and direct viewing angle.
  • Offering wide-format branding space, unlike other advertising platforms.

Westbay Station

  • Major business hub of Doha
  • Corporate and retail buildings
  • Proximity to malls and lifestyle stores
  • Heavy traffic Flow

Total Area: 589 sqm
# Face: 2
Size of each face: 64m W X 4.6m H

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Al Wakra Station

  • Major residential area
  • Gateway route to sea and dessert
  • Near Wakra Stadium for FIFA 2022
  • Oil & Gas Industries hiring high-income professionals

Total Area: 828 sqm
# Face: 4
Size of each face: 45m W X 4.6m H

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Riffa (Mall of Qatar) Station

  • Connecting the biggest Shopping Mall in Qatar
  • Near Al Rayyan Stadium for FIFA 2022

Total Area: 575 sqm
# Face: 5
Size of each face: 25m W X 4.6m H

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HIA Airport Station

  • Main Airport terminal for Qatar
  • 6th best airport in the world
  • Serving 37,283,987 passengers
  • Consistent Traffic of VIP and VVIP Visitors

Total Area: 600 sqm
# Face: 2
Size of each face: 100m W X 3m H

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Economic Zone Station

  • At the Junction of F-Ring Road and Old Airport Road
  • World-class business environment
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Zone for foreign companies operating in Qatar

Total Area: 1104 sqm
# Face: 2
Size of each face: 120m W X 4.6m H

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Ras Abu Fontas Station

  • Near to Free Zone and Commercial area
  • Proximity to Sea Port and Airport.
  • Next to Barwa Village and Commercial Area

Total Area: 736 sqm
# Face: 4
Size of each face: 40m W X 4.6m H

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Qatar University Station

  • An educational hub of Qatar.
  • Multicultural environment.
  • Close to Doha Golf Club and on-road connecting Shamal Road with Pearl

Total Area: 184 sqm
# Face: 2
Size of each face: 20m W X 4.6m H

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Lusail Station

  • New  Residential and Commercial district towards the north of Doha.
  • Besides Newly constructed Lusail Expressway.
  • Proximity to Losail FIFA Stadium, Losail International Circuit, and many offroad locations

Total Area: 435 sqm
# Face: 4
Size of each face: 30m W X 3.62m H

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