Smart wayfinding system reduces the number of signs requested. That means better value for money but also improved clarity, as there is less clutter.
Improper navigation might cause people’s anxiety; as a result, it may lead them to avoid such a place. Effective wayfinding systems are based on the research where profiles of your guests, daily operations reflect directly on the traffic pattern within the building and consequently, the way how your brand communicates clients and navigates your guests.

Modern technologies provide the solutions which help you get the balance between the numbers of signs and smooth navigation system. A number of studies show that easy wayfinding navigations immediately reflect on guest’s satisfaction and emotional comfort that influences economic and social benefits of the owner.
That’s why we cooperate closely with an organization’s staff to get a detailed picture. This is especially relevant in complex environments like business centers or shopping malls.

The Look Company have a profound experience and knowledge of information management, sign systems and the communication of visual identity that helps you save your budget. In conjunction with Modulex, who has created many effective signs’ solutions based on the thorough analysis of traffic flow, guest’s profile and information needs, we guarantee you the best in class support with your wayfinding implementation.
To ensure the smooth implementation of your project, The Look Company technical consultants are equipped with an electronic project management tool called Visual Signage Maker specially developed for Modulex.

With visual signage maker, we not only ensure the best results during the initial analysis of the project but also achieve full control of the content and the durability of your installation. It is your guarantee that you have received the correct installation.