Our Thinnest Lightbox

Introducing Our 50mm (2″) Frame Backlit Lightbox

A Thinner Profile 50mm (2″) Backlit Lightbox means more space for your product displays & merchandise.

Our new 50mm (2″) custom size lightbox is more functional than regular 100mm (4”) frames. Now you can integrate rich, engaging graphics into your retail design without the bulky extrusions taking up room in your aisles or shelves.

Compared to other products on the market such as light guided plates, our lightboxes are lightweight and shipped knocked down for cost effective shipping to multiple locations. Our next generation backlit LED system disperses light across the entire graphic and reduces power consumption by approximately 60%.

Easily integrate the 50mm (2”) lightbox into The Look Company modular display system as shelving end caps or on-the-wall features. Hang the lightbox from the ceiling as wayfinding signage or use free standing lightboxes that can be moved anywhere throughout your store.

Get the benefits of changeable tension graphics with bold backlit colors lighting up your displays and grab the attention of shoppers for an engaging in-store experience.

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