Social Conscience

Look Beyond Borders

Look Beyond Borders has been established by Ed and Debbie Burke to further philanthropy initiatives in the area of education. Debbie Burke, Director of Look Beyond Borders, focuses on Montessori education in third world countries. Look Beyond Borders plays an important role in The Look Company’s overall philosophy of giving back.


Our Goal

The Look Company has assisted financially with the development of Montessori Classrooms in Bangladesh and Nepal – The Shishu Shorgho Montessori class in Bangladesh and two Montessori classrooms at the Green Tara Child Haven School in Nepal. Debbie Burke has been instrumental in developing the classroom in Bangladesh and assisting with training and mentoring the teachers.


Maria Montessori was the first woman physician to graduate from the University of Rome. She first became involved with education as a doctor treating underprivileged children. She eventually designed special materials and a scientifically prepared environment; these succeeded
brilliantly and won world acclaim. She devoted her energies and further studies to the field of education for the remainder of her life. Her work has made a significant contribution to improving the standards of education for young children.