About The Look Company

our Story

Our story beings in 1965, when Gordon and Beth Burke produced and distributed flags across North America. Over a period of 30 years their company grew to be a major player in the traditional flag industry. One of the sons, Ed – who by now you may have met, recognized the opportunities of fabric as a large scale communications tool and this is where the Look bit of our story beings. For 10 years we were called TFCN, The Fabric Communication Network. Soon we were turning international sporting events and retail environments into brand destinations. At this point, we expanded beyond just fabric evolving into designing, engineering and producing sculptures, building wraps, panorama billboards, signage, gateways, building projections and lighting. Today, we create and elevate these brand destinations to include all of the sense, producing truly captivating consumer experiences. And this is how we grew up to become The Look Company. While we still wave our Canadian flag proudly, we now have it flying next to those of other countries, organizations, companies and brands across the world. Our business has matured from the factory in Barrie to a global network of over 5500 square metres of project management, logistics, design and production. So yes, we’re proud to be the originals … in the world of fabric and now the world of Look.

Who we are

We’re sharp, creative people dedicated to managing, designing, producing and implementing world class Look programs. Our talented team includes strategic planners, passionate creative people, rigorous engineers, dynamic project managers, resourceful problem solvers and of course the reliable guys who produce and install. Through the use of world leading Look-Fabrics and engineered Look-Ware hardware solutions, we produce everything from single displays to wall treatments to full turn-key end-to-end solutions for businesses and retail clients, as well as sport and corporate events. We know that forward-thinking and proven concepts are the backbone of every successful project. Our clients tell us that we are their “solution people”. Our experiences with some of the largest retailers, corporate clients and sporting events from around the world allows us to bring your vision to life and deliver solutions that are ground-breaking and unique to our industry.

What We Do

We take on and deliver the full range of Look opportunities and challenges. From concept to delivery, start to finish, our integrated Look talents seamlessly bring to life engaging brand destinations. Our talents include:

How We Do It

As confident as we are about our experience, track record and products; it is really about your project and the benefits you will enjoy.  We like keeping things simple. Our promise is our process. We guide you with credibility, inspire you through creativity and deliver with reliability. We break down what we do into  4  areas:

Scoping & Visualization

Scoping is the collection of specific details to assure that a perfectly tailored solution is achieved  for your projects unique requirements. One the “how” is determined, a final visualization image can be produced to be sure that you are satisfied with the final results.

Fabric & Printing

Look-Fabrics deliver high-definition print quality and bold, vivid colours without glare and are an environmentally friendly solution. Look-Fabrics are easy to handle, light weight, re-usable and are odour and wrinkle-free. For this and many more reasons, Look-Fabrics will dynamically enhance the look of your space or present your brand or messaging brilliantly.


Look-Ware engineered hardware solutions securely, fashionably and reliably display your HD printed images. From the robust structural style Look-Ware used for large sport stadiums and outdoor applications to the fine invisible style Look-Ware used in retail showrooms, corporate reception areas or household rooms – we have specifically designed a Look-Ware solution for every application.


Look certified technicians professionally install each project utilizing proprietary techniques perfected throughout thousands of unique installations. Regardless of the project size or complexity, you can be assured that our trained installers will skillfully perform your installation to your complete satisfaction.